March 20th, 2012


Kickstarter Tuesday

I believe I shall declare the 3rd Tuesday of any given month Kickstarter Tuesday, so I can mention all the cool projects I’ve seen lately all at once and not feel like I’m spamming everybody with an OMG LOOKY COOL NEW KICKSTARTER! every few days. So!

Still in Progress:

The incredible Judith Tarr’s young adult novel revisions project, LIVING IN THREES. It’s crossed $4K and is heading toward $4500, at which number she starts offering up classes advice discussions about world-building techniques. I expect that to be worth the price of admission all by itself.

My long-term writing partner SL Gray is also running a revision project on THE DRAGON UNDONE, which I have read in current draft form and am very much looking forward to seeing through the revision process. May or may not include the author muttering about her own illegible handwriting (ie, “Why do my notes say ‘ordinary poodles’? There are no poodles, ordinary or otherwise, in this book…”).

New Kids on the Block:

Evil Hat Productions has just kicked off the DINOCALYPSE trilogy fundraiser, a novel project based on their best-selling, award-winning SPIRIT OF THE CENTURY pulp fiction RPG. Before having to write a book ate my brain I got to read the first couple chapters of DINOCALYPSE NOW, which is pure pulpy fun.

A whole bunch of truly amazing writers, including Harry Connolly and Juliet E. McKenna, have just launched a campaign for TALES OF THE EMERALD SERPENT, which harkens back to shared-world anthologies like THIEVES’ WORLD. I am torn between sheer unadulterated fangirl squee and terrible, terrible envy that I didn’t get invited to play. (Really, it’s okay, I have too much to do anyway, but it’s such a great list of authors!)

And Now For Something Completely Different:

Writers Jane Espenson (of Buffy-writing fame) and Brad Bell (of whom, honestly, I’ve never heard) have done a webisode series called HUSBANDS, about a young gay couple who, after a National Equality Bill passes, go to Vegas to celebrate, get drunk, and wake up married. Rather than pull a Britney, they decide to give it a go, and while I haven’t watched the first season, it sounds charming and I hope they can manage to do the second season, which is what this Kickstarter is to help produce.

Also, Nathan Fillion is in the video. I’m just sayin’. :)

So there we go. Five cool things. I’ll have five more next month. :)

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