March 9th, 2012


redesign done

I believe I’ve now converted all the pages on CEMurphy.Net to WordPress, which means the redesign is more or less done. It’s not as done as I want it to be, of course, but if you’d like to go poke at it and see if you can find any pages that don’t match, that would be great.

One thing I’d like feedback on–should I reinstate the right column Out Now material? The header banner covers it now, but that only brings up one item at a time, whereas the right column could have all of it. Maybe below the Twitter feed but above the tags?

While converting IMMORTAL BELOVED (the Highlander novel I wrote about 15 years ago, which is now available in PDF, epub, mobi and HTML versions), I also rediscovered CENTENARIAN, the first chapter of a book that doesn’t exist.

Oh. Also. Not website related, but holy beans, guys. Kyle Cassidy keeps sending me new, wonderful, amazing photos of Gary. If it doesn’t completely break the bank, the limited edition of NO DOMINION is *totally* going to be illustrated!

- write the PRSI letter
- finish the tree house
- vacuum
- sign my name 1000 times
- answer faith’s email
- go to bed early. for the love of god, go to bed early.

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signature sheets!

One down, 999 to go:

Signature Sheets!

These are the signature sheets for the limited edition Subterranean Press collection of Old Races stories, BABA YAGA’S DAUGHTER. You have no doubt already pre-ordered it, but if not that link there will offer you the opportunity to do so. :)

BABA YAGA’S DAUGHTER collects three Old Races stories previously released into the wild–”From Russia, with Love”, “Five Card Draw”, and “Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight”, and offers up seven new tales that complete an arc of hidden stories within the Old Races universe: you could go on to read future books in the Old Races universe without having read these stories, but believe me, you don’t want to.

Baba Yaga's Daughter Ancient rivals, best of friends, best of enemies: dragonlord Janx and master vampire Eliseo Daisani are the threads upon which a tapestry of lives and loves are woven across the centuries. From the coldest Russian nights to the heat of Chicago’s greatest fire, nothing brings the immortal adversaries together—or tears them apart—like a woman.

And there is always a woman.

Vanessa Grey has been at Daisani’s side for decades, but the secrets borne by a witch may be her undoing. Baba Yaga’s daughter has plots that are decades in the hatching, but they may only succeed if Margrit Knight, named “the Negotiator” by Daisani and Janx themselves, will work with her. And there are others: the greatest vampire hunter mankind has ever known, and a woman for whom the Old Races are a wonder to walk away from….

The cover art is by Thomas Canty. (THOMAS. CANTY. *dies of squee* *again*) I am *insanely* excited that SubPress is publishing this collection, and I desperately, desperately want it to do well in order to justify their faith in me and in hopes of, y’know, getting to work with them again. So–because I know you don’t want me to sign a thousand signature sheets for nothing–do pre-order if you can, okay? I will love you forever.

not that i don’t anyway

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