February 22nd, 2012


novella, my hiney

I closed out the NO DOMINION rough draft a couple hours ago, at 60,438 words.

Novella, my hiney. It’s exactly twice the length I anticipated it being, and will without a doubt get longer in revisions.

Which I am not going to do right now. I may very well even send it in the wreck-of-a-state that it is in, off to the Major Beta Reader for the project, rather than even do my usual revision pass which at least includes getting rid of the notes to myself and trying to smooth out the roughest spots. We’ll see.

Right now, however, I am going to bed, where I will sleep the sleep of the just and not get up to write in the morning. Probably.

Febnowrimo wordcount:
36000 / 50000 (72.00%)

also here is a writing exercise i want to try at some point, via my friend marith: Take a piece of setting – a city, a building, a store. Write at least one sentence about it using each of the five senses, plus at least one interesting historical fact about it.

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