February 3rd, 2012


so. tired.

I went out for tapas with YA author Sarah Rees Brennan last night, which was enormously fun. Hanging out with Sarah usually is. She tells stories exactly the same way she writes in her blog, and it’s very very funny, even when she’s talking about awful things. Or possibly especially when she’s talking about awful things. :) Anyway, we ordered one of everything on the menu (not really, but only because after we’d ordered six items the waiter said, “That’s enough, ladies. That’s a lot of food,” to which we replied, “Yes, we hoped so.” And to be fair he was right, we weren’t actually able to eat it all, though we gave it the old college try. :)

Anyway, it was a lovely evening out, but as a result I didn’t get to bed until a little before midnight and holy mackarel I’m tired this morning. And I have another 4000 words to get through today if it’s at all possible. Speaking of which:

Febnowrimo Wordcount
11000 / 50000 (22.00%)

I know, I know, I’m in overdrive and look insane, but it’s just that I’ve got to get about 130,000 words done by mid-April. “No Dominion”, which is already at 36K with no end in sight, must be finished by the 9th, and I need to get at least one more chapter done on the ElectriCity script. Then I have two more short stories to write (and I have to finish editing “Twenty Years After”, augh), and MOUNTAIN ECHOES is due April 15. So I’m going hell bent for leather.

On the positive side, I then have one short story due in June and nothing else with an actual delivery date until April 2013. So basically from May, any pressure is entirely self-inflicted.

Which is, frankly, quite enough. The list of things I want to get written in the second 2/3rds of the year is longer than my arm (2 sequels for to the book for my nephew, 3 chapters of the book that doesn’t exist, HEAVEN CAN WAIT, which is one of the rewards for the Kickstarter patrons, and at least a good start on the 9th book of the Walker Papers, a second novella for the Kickstarter patrons (although I did say that I was only gonna write one novel and one novella, not one novel and two or three novellas, and “No Dominion” is rapidly approaching novel status), and…well, I’d still like to do the retold fairy tales, and some more Gryphon Beach stories, but those are back-burner projects on a twelve-burner stove…

And today I need to go shopping for dinner foods and…clean house. It’s a mess. And…

- pack up books
- send a box
- pack up comics *sigh*
- email iwc guy
- post about soula’s book
- post about Things I’d Kill To Accomplish skill-wise with writing

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