January 31st, 2012


Five Writing Things Make A Post

Thing One: Last year Laura Anne Gilman wrote a terrific series of essential things for the writer in your life to know. Now she’s compiled them into an e-book, so if you’re looking for the distilled wisdom of a former editor turned novelist, this is the place to go!

Thing Two: I have not gotten “Twenty Years After”, the 3rd “No Dominion” Kickstarter story, out to patrons. Mea culpa. :( I have a few more edits to do on it, and the end of the month just somehow got away from me.

Thing Three: On the positive side, I did hit 25K on “No Dominion”! …which is obviously not going to be 30K like I thought it was when I proposed it. :)

Thing Four: I am now on Goodreads as CE Murphy. Now I just have to figure out how to use it. And particularly to change the blog feed from mizkit.com, where someone apparently set it at some point, to cemurphy.net, because the reason I have two sites is so one is professional and the other is one where I can rant about weight loss, politics, and thinks to do. (eta: figured it out)

Thing Five: YTD wordcount:

38100 / 400000 (9.53%)

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Picoreview: “Haywire”

Picoreview: “Haywire”: First off, although I remembered the commentary about the filming when it happened, until I saw the scenes in “Haywire”, I forgot some of it had been set in Dublin. If anybody would like a walking tour of the Haywire movie when they come to visit, I can provide one. :)

Second, according to an article I read a while ago, “Haywire” director Steven Soderbergh apparently said, when he got the script, that he would love to do the film, but only if it had a female lead. And then he said he couldn’t imagine any of the crop of Hollywood starlets in it, because they were all too skinny, so he went out and got Gina Carano, an MMA fighter, and taught her to act. Because of this, Steven Soderbergh is now my hero and I will follow him to the ends of the earth.

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Ted wants Gina Carano to play Wonder Woman. I endorse this idea, and I’d say so does Steven Soderbergh.

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Sorry for the sudden influx of posts. I just realized I’ve managed to pack up 0, count ‘em, 0, boxes of anything today, and I have roughly a million things to pack and send, so I’m closing out with a to-do list for tomorrow.

I mean, you know, one that includes the stuff *besides* writing 1800 words to get going on my February Nano challenge, which I remind the several of you who stepped up starts TOMORROW aghglghglhg

- pack at least 6 books
- send at least 1 box (& ideally 6 books)
- pack up comics*
- email juliet & iwc guy
- email faith
- post those pages for pcon site
- remember, painfully, that i want to do a site redesign on cemurphy.net. weep into my beer. *sigh*
- go to bed early, which i am at this very moment failing to do tonight
- laundry
- post about soula’s book

Thinks to do soon:
- post about pre-orders & stuff
- post about Things I’d Kill To Accomplish skill-wise with writing

*someday i will cross this one off my list. then the world will probably end.

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