January 27th, 2012


“Your life is not normal.”

A couple nights ago I said to Ted, “I have a Skype date tonight!” He said “Oh you do! With WHOM?!”

“With Gabra Zackman,” said I, “the reader of my Walker Papers audio books.”

Ted paused, bemused, then said, “Your life is not normal. I mean, really. That’s just not normal.”

I had a *wonderful* chat with Gabra, who is charming and funny and clever, and sometime soon (maybe not until Audio Book Release Day, but maybe before then) I’ll be posting a guest blog she’s done for me about being an audio book reader! Yay! :)

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a bad case of CHD

I’m suffering from a bad case of compulsive hair disorder. I can point directly to all the causes, which are as follows:

1. I’ve regained the entire 20 pounds I lost after Young Indiana’s birth, and I traditionally take weight gain out on my hair.

2. My Rogue streak needs re-bleaching.

3. I generally only get one shower during the work week, so my hair looks pretty limp a lot of the time.

4. I have not had my hair even trimmed in 18 months, so it is no doubt in actual need of some maintenance.

2 & 4 are comparatively easily rectified, except I’m avoiding them for two reasons: I won’t re-bleach the stripe more often than every 3 months and P-Con is coming up at the start of March, so I don’t want to do it until then, and while I have vague intentions of getting my hair styled at some point, the thing I’m thinking of does generally come in long layers (thank you random person on flickr who has the haircut I want), and I have traditionally hated layers on myself, so I’m trying to get it long enough in the first place that if I get it cut that way and hate it, I can cut it straight across again and still have it past my shoulders. So that’s several months out yet.

During which time I could of course in theory lose weight, but Christ, I’m not doing well on that front. :p

The shower thing is probably doomed for some time yet.


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