December 15th, 2011


oh, for...

Accidentally posted this as a locked post last night. *eyeroll* Wretched WP, not crossposting to LJ. Gotta fix that. Anyway!

Just a quick note to say the Magick 4 Terri auction, supporting editor/author/artist Terri Windling, closes this evening at 5pm (Eastern, I think). The "Get your own CE Murphy short story as a Christmas present!" commission is at $450, which is moving into actual "that's what I get paid for a short story" territory. Not that I'm getting paid for it, but it's satisfying for it to get into the right dollar range as a charitable contribution. :)

The middle grade fantasy novel I just wrote has sold out at $100, is resting at $250 for the second (set of all 4 books, sent to you as I write them!), and lies untouched for the third auction, where you can get the first book for $100 or all 4 of 'em for $400 (look, it's for charity, dudes). Even my agent isn't gonna get to read these for a couple years, so strike while the iron is hot!

that's customer service.

This afternoon I posted on Twitter saying I kept checking to see if my nephew's book had shipped from, not that Lulu was late in shipping them (because they weren't), but because I was antsy and impatient. A couple hours later I got a notification saying they'd shipped. I said yay! on Twitter. "Total coincidence," I said, "but yay!"

The luludotcom guy there said "Total coincidence my foot! I made some calls!"

No idea if that's actually true, since this afternoon would have been a reasonable window to expect the book to ship in anyway, but if it is, that's some fine customer service there. :) And either way it's great interaction. Go Lulu. And now the nephew will have his book in time for Christmas (and the auction winners will have theirs by the end of the year, assuming I don't doof around). Now to see if the other nephew's book ships soon enough to get here for Christmas. Order went in today. Perhaps I'll casually mention it on Twitter on Tuesday... :)