December 13th, 2011



...…if I was to put a copy or three of this middle-grade fantasy novel I’ve just written up on the Terri Windling auction, would people be interested in that? ’cause I’m not even planning to give this to my agent until I’ve finished the series, but people are asking when they get to read it, so I thought maybe I’d offer a chance. Be one of ten people to read it (that’s all the copies I’m having printed), like.

Probably I’d set it up as something like bid whatever for the book, but if it hit $N I’d eventually send you the second book, too, and at $Nx2 the 3rd, and $Nx4 the 4th & final book. Or something like that. Would that be appealing?

eta: Arright, there was enough interest on Facebook, at least, that I've set up an auction page. Read the instructions, it's slightly complicated, but your chance for not just this book but the whole series as I write them is posted here: Auction: A new CE Murphy novel!