December 12th, 2011


thinks to do

With any kind of luck this is the last significant Thinks list of the year...

by Thursday/Saturday:
- revision pass on older nephew's book
- put together Gryphon Beach Tales book for younger nephew
- write "Don't Wreck Your Soul"
- write the next Kickstarter short story

by end-of-year:
- write the Terri Windling short story commission
- get as much as possible done on the ElectriCity script
- get Easy Pickings up on Amazon etc

Right now that short story commission--I will write the winner a short story of their own in time for Christmas!--is resting at $200, but here's the thing: the current high bidder is Bill Schafer, the dude who owns Subterranean Press! Now, I actually think this is pretty clever and funny of him, but do you really want to let the chance for a commissioned CE Murphy short story get away to a publisher who could buy one from me at any time? I'm just sayin'!

other thinks:
- get presents wrapped
- get presents in the mail
- get photos off camera
- find the pattern
- other stuff as they occur