December 6th, 2011


books i need to (re)buy

the hero & the crown (this is ursula's fault)
the blue sword (because might as well)

lord of two lands (because it's new in e-book! and because judith tarr is one of the best writers i have ever read. period.)
a wind in cairo (while i'm buying judy's books anyway)

all 3 of barbara hamilton(hambly)'s abigail adams mysteries

the starbridge novels (oh! the new covers are LOVELY! they must do well in e-book, okay, lads? because if they do well enough, AC Crispin might be willing to write more, and I have *desperately* wanted to pitch a StarBridge novel to her since like 1993 and she's willing to listen to my pitch if the e-releases do well, so PLEASE BUY THEM! also buy them because they're utterly wonderful.)

almost certainly others but those are the ones i can think of right now. perhaps i can have a small christmas spending spree on books. :)