November 9th, 2011


things that are not kickstarter. mostly. sort of.

I will no doubt post about the Kickstarter again later today, but I thought I would make some effort to mention some things that are not Kickstarter.

Like the baking frenzy that went on here this weekend. Saturday was Ted’s last day in his previous position at his job (he got a promotion! he started the new job Monday!), so I made a batch of brownies for the coworkers he was leaving. I must have done something wrong, though, because this time he didn’t come home with any second-hand marriage proposals. Perhaps they were getting too complacent. That’ll teach ‘em.

Then Sunday my sister was doing a fundraiser for her yoga studio, so I made an orange chocolate cheesecake and chocolate death cookies, and Ted made raspberry truffle brownies. Deirdre, looking through the cheesecake recipes, said, a bit wistfully, “In another life, we could have opened a bakery together.” Ted said, “You still could!” In our copious free time. :)

Anyway, because we’d gone a bit mad buying cream cheese I then made a German chocolate cheesecake for Ted’s new coworkers. It was pretty good. And we still have cream cheese left, so I’m going to make up some small cheesecakes of different kinds to share with the family, just so I get to try out some more recipes. I really must start doing those quarterly Dessert Parties I wanted to do. Of course, I also need to break up with sugar again…

I am a mere 9.5K behind on NNWM, she said in despair. Ted’s got the weekends off now, so between him and Mom taking over baby duties, in theory I could catch up, except I also have to write a Gary short story by Monday in order to express my undying gratitude to the Kickstarter patrons. :)

(oh all right i’m just going to close with KS stuff because who knows if i’ll have another chance to blog at all today…)

Last night the number of backers tipped over to two hundred more than I have ever had participate in a crowdfunding effort. TWO HUNDRED MORE. I have more than doubled the number of people reached with this project. That’s *amazing*.

It has also jumped by a thousand dollars in the past day. There is now less than $1300 to go to get a second novella for everyone subscribing at $25 or more. And if it keeps it up at that rate for the final five days, there might just be a danger of breaking the $20K mark and earning a *third* novella for all patrons subscribing at $25 or more.

(And then what we all have to do is hope there’s one big-money backer out there who’s just been waiting til the last moment to make a “Wind Beneath My Wings” size donation that’ll push us into “Congratulations, y’all, you’ve bought yourself a novel” territory!)

So this is the time, if you haven’t already done it, to mention on your blog, your Twitter (I’m ce_murphy), your Facebook (I’m CE Murphy), your G+ (I’m, you guessed it, CE Murphy) that one of your gosh-darn favorite authors is in the closing days of a Kickstarter campaign and point people at to help us see just how far this ride will go.

I’m just sayin’. :)

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