September 12th, 2011


today i have to….

- bring the coat to Mom (& not get blown away doing it)
- take chicken out for dinner
- work more on the Gary story*
- remember it’s okay, even desireable, to eat apples & grapes for snacks instead of other stuff
- laundry
- pilates

*struggling here, as my plan was to use this story as the “Here! Here’s your instantaneous reward for funding the Kickstarter campaign, landing in your mailbox the moment the campaign ends!” thing, but because it’s the story of Gary and Jo meeting from Gary’s point of view and basically a teaser story for flavor crystals because I *cannot* use part of the actual novella as a teaser (or at least certainly not the first part of it, hrm), and because, well, we’ve all already *read* Gary and Jo meeting, even if not from his POV, now I’m wondering if I should just use the whole thing as a teaser and write something else for the reward story, but that’s starting to get to be A Lot More Work. Aghl. OTOH, I have about 8 weeks to do it in…)

Speaking of the Kickstarter campaign, I have sorted out the reward levels, which will be as follows unless somebody makes a very good argument for a new or different level:

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