September 9th, 2011


Friday Hypothetical

I have stolen this idea from burger_eater/Harry Connolly (whose brilliant 3rd book in the Twenty Palaces series, CIRCLE OF ENEMIES, has just come out, and if you haven’t been reading these books, you really should be. I don’t read much urban fantasy because it’s too much like work, but I really like these books). Anyway, Harry periodically posts hypotheticals to see what people make of them, and I love the idea and have been meaning to nick it for ages, but I only just remembered (again) while at the keyboard, so I’m offering up a Friday Hypothetical. :)

The hypothetical situation: you are offered two wishes by a reasonably benevolent, very powerful creature able to do such things. You can be assured that as a rule, the intent of your wish will be followed, rather than the literal law of it: if, for example, you wish for world peace, the reasonably benevolent creature is not going to accomplish it by wiping out humanity and therefore getting rid of war. If you wish you had superpowers, you are not suddenly and permanently going to become a character in a comic book–but you’d better specify what powers you want, because otherwise you might get the not so useful superpower of My Hair Always Looks Terrific.

The rules: one wish must be world-level wishing, something that won’t necessarily do you personally any good but may affect the world as we know it. The other must be personal.

The catch: only one will be granted.

What are your two wishes?

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I have just finished the bonus Old Races story for the early ORSSP subscribers. Of course, when I say “finished” I mean “it ends on a cliffhanger that will probably take a novel to unravel and I have no intention of writing the novel any time soon”, but it’s done anyway. :)

That really truly wraps up the ORSSP. I am, of course, wrestling with the temptation to JUST SEND THEM ALL OUT because hey, they’re done! But I dunno, I think torturing people by wanting until the actual due dates is probably more fun. Maybe if I get my act together & get cover art done I’ll send the remaining stories when that’s delivered. Hm.

Anyway, let’s see. Up next is the teaser story for the NO DOMINION Kickstarter campaign.

No. Up next is my bit on EASY PICKINGS. *Then* the teaser story. Okay, better write this down…

remaining projects for 2011:
- finish “Easy Pickings” with Faith (10Kish)
- a Gary short story (3-5K)
- a Morrison short story (3-5K. if you want to read it, join the mailing list)
- catch up on the Book Race BAHAHAHAHA
- re-revise ANGLES to agently commentary (3-5Kish)
- 3 retold fairy tales (12Kish)
- maaaaaaaaaaybe some more Old Races stories (30Kish)

Okay. Yes. I’m about 3K behind in my desired wordcount right now, but if I get some good writing done over the weekend hopefully I’ll catch up. The goal is to write my bit on EASY PICKINGs, write the Gary story, and if there’s any week left over after that…well, it doesn’t seem likely there will be, so I won’t worry about it. And then for the last two weeks of September I may try the ol’ “fling myself on my mother’s mercy” gambit and make a headlong rush into the Book Race novel…

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