September 4th, 2011



AAAAAAAAAH and now Kyle’s cover art has triggered the title and storyline and it is going to BREAK. YOUR. HEART.

I am so excited about this project. *laughs out loud* Holy carp, it’s gonna be cool. And I suppose I’m going to have to start a Tumblr blog or something for it, so all the updates like this one (full of teasing and no content, I mean) can go there instead of here so if you want to watch me go SQUEE you will have to buy into the campaign and get the Tumblr password. :)

It is *possible* I’ll post the cover as soon as this week. It’s equally possible it’ll take til the end of the month. I really don’t know. I would obviously love to post it sooner rather than later, but there may be a degree of professionalism I can’t bring to the design work and if not, it’ll take longer. We’ll see.

*runs around and around and around and SQUEE*

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