August 26th, 2011


Kickstarter thoughts, part 2

Okay, so incentive levels for a KS campaign:

A number of KS campaigns have lately been running “unlocked rewards”, where if you donate a certain dollar amount it turns out you get something extra spiffy as a surprise. At least, I think that’s how it’s working. What kinds of things do you guys think would qualify as extra spiffy?

There are also frequently limited rewards at higher donation amounts. Aside from my general silly ones ($5000: I will hand-deliver your special-edition signed chapbook to you, $7500: …and sing “You Are The Wind Beneath My Wings”, $10K+: …in public), realistically, what are good rewards for high donation amounts? I mean, really, if somebody donated $10K I’d write them a damned book of their own (or I suppose if several people formed a coalition I’d write the collective them a book if their own), but a book doesn’t have the interior artwork to shuffle off that a comic or game might, so I start reaching for “and I’ll write another short story!” pretty fast…

Speaking of which, at Fred’s suggestion: one of the things that makes KS fun is instant gratification. So I’m thinking the bonus Moment The Campaign Ends thing would be a Gary short story landing in donators’ mail boxes to tide them over a bit for the interminable wait until April 15. Yes/No?

Buying in: I’ve noticed that on many KS campaigns if you donate, say, just $1, you get acknowledged but nothing more. I’d probably set a $5 buy-in level for the novella (based on an eventual Kindle price of $2.99 and two Gary short stories at $.99 each. Yes/No?

*Assuming* we reach heady heights and get to the chapbook level of donations–how do I handle this one? It’s got to be a higher minimum buy-in than just the novella, and I’ve got to always consider international postage for shipping them out. So do I set one of the rewards at “& If We Hit $N, At This Buy-In Price You Get The Chapbook Too”? Or does that just screw people if we don’t hit the chapbook level?

Baby’s awake so I must go, but please, give me thoughts!

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huh. calendars.

Someone suggested calendars of my photography as a KS reward, which made me go look at costing them out (short form: definitely a doable reward, and I’d probably make up a special April-April one or something just to go with the campaign). Kitsnaps postcards and/or prints were also suggested, which–I would never have thought of using my photography as reward pieces, so *thank you* to those who suggested it.

But anyway, in looking, I discovered Lulu does calendars and has a format that isn’t hideous. Base cost to me, for calendar creation & S&H pretty much anywhere in the world comes out to $16 or $17, when I factor in shipping costs /to/ me (from the UK, not America, which would be prohibitive), and the percentage Paypal would take out of the orders. Is $20 a bearable cost for a signed 2012 calendar (with a theme, I think, of Dublin, this year)?

(God, I’m seriously feeling like I’m all “HI GIVE ME ALL YOUR MONEY” on here right now, which really isn’t my intention. I’m just throwing things out to see what sticks. This whole brave new world of direct sales and stuff is most strange and curious.)

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