August 16th, 2011


…damn, you guys are cool.

Seriously, some of the ideas of what kind of Cinderella story I would tell just *rock*. I ought to give you a list of the fairy tales I’m thinking of doing for the lil short story collection, and see what twists /you/ think I’m going to put on them, and send a copy of the collection to the people whose ideas I steal, uh, am inspired by. :)

Actually, while I’m definitely going to do that at some point (not this week), I’ve got this idea in my head to do it along themes: Glass would be one, Beast would be another. I’m sure there are lots of other potentials as well, where I could pull together half a dozen stories with some common element to re-tell, though I immediately start subdividing–I mean, do you put Snow White under ‘glass’ or ‘sleep’? Or under ‘wicked’ with a common theme of wicked stepmothers? (Though what’s his face used WICKED as a title, so I dunno if I should)

Anyway, I’m inclined to do GLASS first, and do Cinderella, The Glass Mountain, The Red Shoes, maybe Snow White, and…find a couple others that would fit, apparently. (BEAST is easy–BatB, Bluebeard, Snow White & Rose Red, The Wounded Lion…okay, maybe I should do collections of 4 stories, not 6…:))

In, you know, my copious free time. :)

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