August 11th, 2011



My editor sent me two copies of WAYFINDER ahead of the rest of the author copies coming my way.

Reader, I confess it: I got emotional.

This is a rare moment–the only moment, in fact, since I began publishing–where the books on my shelf represent everything I’ve finished a contract for. Usually when I get a new book and put it on the shelf my immediate reaction is “Yay! Now I want the next one!” But in this case, the next book is under a different contract, so right now my Author Shelf is caught up. 16 full-length novels, 1 novella with cover credit & a 5-issue comic book. Plus some short stories and things, all of which add up to somewhere around 1.8 million words published in the past six years.

Author Shelf, 2011

Damn straight, I got emotional!

There’s more coming down the line. There’s *always* more coming down the line, and that’s how I like it, but right now? Here, today? Today I’m going to bask in the sheer awesome that is me.

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