August 9th, 2011


Dear Self

Dear Self:

I do not know how it is you manage to end up eyeball-deep in multiple projects at once even when you’re trying not to. Please remember that you are in fact trying not to; that’s probably the only thing keeping you from writing another novel in the next five weeks.

Oh wait.

Dear Self,

Please try to remember that although you have accepted the Book Race challenge (in *solidarity*, dammit, you are not the one who laid down the challenge!), you wrote 1200 words on it yesterday as a show of good faith and you do not *have* to work on it every day. Especially when some of the following projects:

- finish REDEEMER proposal
- write a short story for Alexis (due, er, yesterday)
- proposal for WP #8
- the next ORSSP story (due in October)
- Book One of The Ilialiad (due 30 September, as per Book Race)

will actually pay you, which the Book Race novel won’t. Yet. Okay?


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The Dabel Debacle & Other Things

Other things first:

Heroic, the womanthology, closed at $109.3K, which is pretty flipping fantastic. I can’t really explain why the project means so much to me, especially since I’m not even involved. It’s not just women doing comics, which is obviously awesome. It’s also the outrageous upswell of support for them. That’s just so great.

Turns out the woman behind the whole thing, Renae De Liz, is an artist herself (and I know her work, at least on Rogue Angel, but most people are going to know it because she’s the illustrator for the NYT bestselling graphic novel adaptation of THE LAST UNICORN o.O). She was also born in Alaska. Alaska girls obviously rock. :) And she’s done one of the most awesome Wonder Woman redesigns I’ve seen.

ElectriCity update: still waiting to see if our artist’s schedule is going to work out. He wants to do it, we want him to do it, we may go to great lengths to make it work, because OMG teh awsum.

I’ll just put the Dabel Debacle behind the cut.

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