August 6th, 2011


a novel in five weeks

I have accepted desperance/Chaz’s challenge, and will be writing a novel in five weeks.

Chaz is already ahead; he has 15K of an 80K novel written, and I have, um. Five or ten hand-written pages of a 60K novel written. More alarmingly, I have a Walker Papers proposal and a short story to do, both of which really need to be done before the novel. BUT I SHALL NOT DESPAIR.

What I shall despair over, just a little perhaps, is the discovery that the lullaby I’d been planning to base this book on (what, don’t normal people do that?) is actually Irish, which suggests the story should be vaguely Irish rather than vaguely Phoenician. In the end I will probably not actually let this bother me, but it’s kind of annoying. :)

Anyway, we start Monday. Rev your engines.

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