August 2nd, 2011


things i want

- a portable ballet barre, which can apparently be had for around 100-150 quid. that’s not too bad. i should look locally, but this, with its sawhorse build would no doubt not tip over, which is perhaps the most important aspect of a freestanding barre.

- a smartphone, which–because for the first time ever what i really do want is the latest damned tech–costs about 700 fricking euro. otoh, it’s €700 over 18 months. dunno. >.<

- a brennan jb7, which at its high end costs 500 quid but otoh holds literally 20x the music we own (the low end holds merely 5x the music we own), which would presumably make it an item that would last forever/until music delivery formats change so drastically it is no longer recognizable to modern technology

Winning the lotto would be nice, too. :)

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