July 13th, 2011


Help me, intarwebs, you’re my only hope!

Tell me, Intarwebs: do I want a HTC Desire Android smartphone? I kind of want a smartphone (I’m torn on whether I want it for always-with-me photography or for, God help me, organizing meet-ups via twitter or whatever, but I kinda want one), and Ted’s got a coworker selling an HTC Desire for about half the new price.

Reviews are pretty good, except for the battery life is apparently quite poor. So anybody got experience or opinions on the matter themselves?

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er. oops.

So I went back to the vintage shop to get the red leather coat for my friend E. I tried it on again at the shop, because she’d been concerned about the tightness of the arms, and I thought “Huh, not quite as tight as I’d thought, guess I mis-remembered, it’ll be great for E!” And I bought it.

When I got home I thought “I’ll exhale to the bottom of my soul so I can get the thing buttoned up and get a picture of it, anyway, because it’s a great coat!” And I untied the belt I hadn’t noticed at the back, and put it on, and, er, it fit perfectly. Apparently the belt had been tied *quite* tightly on Monday, and I simply hadn’t noticed it, and anyway, now the coat is too big for E but it fits me beautifully, so, um. Coat!

Red Leather Coat
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