July 11th, 2011



I have just realized today is the 11th, not the 19th. Since about last Thursday I’ve been suffering from the belief that it’s a week later in July than I thought it was, and have been increasingly unhappy about having apparently lost a week and having gotten no damned work done–I was thinking “Shit, I overdid it in June, I got nothing left for writing brains”–but no, I just had nothing left for reading a calendar. Seriously, I even put weight loss stickers on next weekend on the calendar. Totally, totally lost a week. If it weren’t for the fact that I *know* I haven’t gone to my sister’s yoga class yet, that the first class is today and that the first class is on the 11th, I may not have figured it out. And this explains how we went out to dinner last Thursday and still have reservations for dinner somewhere on the 14th and didn’t miss them. And why the strawberries I bought have a best-by date of the 14th. Gad.

Jeez. I feel a lot better now. I still haven’t gotten much work done–part of a proposal and re-reading Angles to do some last minor edits before I send the trilogy synopses to Jenn–but that’s a pathetic amount for three weeks, whereas it’s only ‘not much’ for a week and a half. There is no longer a panicked feeling of “Oh fuck, the goddamned revisions are due in ten days and I haven’t even looked at them” (they were, and are, on the schedule for this week, but this week was suddenly next week, you know? and that was alarming).

Anyway. Jeez. So today’s goal is get Angles & the synopses out the door and, er, answer email that’s somehow piled up. Revisions can start tomorrow. On the 12th, not the 20th. o.O

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