July 5th, 2011



Proposal idea #1 just flat-out needs more base knowledge than I’ve got. Gotta do research before I can go anywhere with it. (Oh woe is me, FORCED to read history books! And perhaps Jane Austen!) Anyway, yeah, really can’t go anywhere with it because I’m spending all my writing time reading Wikipedia. That’s not much use. So I’ll make a stab at Proposal #2, and pick up some research books (and perhaps Jane Austen!) soon.

Yeah. Okay. Going to stare down Proposal #2 now.

eta: I blinked. The proposal didn’t. :p Third one seems to be going better…

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The Science Fiction Social Club

Tonight I went to a meeting of SF geeks. After about 45 minutes, we determined that the point of the meeting was to determine whether or not there was any interest in having meetings. *laughs out loud*

At the end of the meeting, it was agreed that there appears to be some interest in having meetings. To that end, although actually sort of coincidentally or complimentarily rather than derivitively, The Irish Hat Girl is beginning a “Book Drop-In” in August. It is not a book club. Book clubs, as she said, suggest commitment, and commitment is scary, and also as far as she can tell the purpose of a book club is to make people read books they don’t want to. So the BDI will be a casual chat about sf/f books and basically if you’ve read the book Hat Girl is talking about that week, then you’re welcome to drop by and chat about it. I forget exactly what’s up for the first three weeks–a Brandon Sanderson novel, THE DAY OF THE TRIFFIDS, and something else–but it’s at a particularly convenient time for me (half six on Wednesdays at Accents on Lower St Stephen’s), so despite the fact that I’ve read none of those books and am unlikely to do so in the next few weeks, I may go anyway. :)

There will also be a gathering the first weekend in August, at the Twisted Pepper/Loft Bookshop, for local LJ/Twitter/Facebook/whatever SF fans. This will, I think, be the inaugural meeting of the (flippantly named by myself, and written down by Gareth) Science Fiction Social Club, and perhaps if we keep it going there will also be periodic events associated with the SFSC. I think keeping it going would be quite a success all by itself. :)

Anyway, so an amusing evening was had by me, at least, and I kinda hope we get a decent showing at the SFSC meet-up. I wonder if I should make a FB page for it. :)

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