June 30th, 2011


june tally

- revised ANGLES
- written synopses for ANGLES & two sequels
- written “Awakening”, an Old Races short story
- written six Gryphon Beach stories
- edited the GB stories
- developed the ElectriCity synopsis
- written the first chapter of the ElectriCity script
- done my part on “Easy Pickings”

I have also, in the first half of this year, written three other Old Races stories and the seventh Walker Papers novel. But the above was all done in June. To reward myself, I am going to the Bon Jovi concert tonight.

My plans for July had been much lower-key. All I was going to do was write a novel. But I’ve gotten the revision letter for RAVEN CALLS, so I guess I’m going to revise that and write a couple proposals in July.

I’ll wait until August to write a novel.


thinks to do, july-december
- proposals for two new series
- revisions on RAVEN CALLS
- write two novels
- write six to 8 Old Races short stories
- complete “Easy Pickings”
- ElectriCity script chapters 2-5

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