June 15th, 2011


ducks, meet row

My window of opportunity for unadulterated work is nearly up, as my mother in law leaves on Saturday. In the three weeks she’s been here, though, I’ve revised a novel, written an Old Races short story and six Gryphon Beach stories, worked on a novella, developed a synopsis, and decided on what two projects I’m going to be writing synopses for.

And there’s still two weeks left in June. o.O

I have a bunch of small stuff I want to get finished before the month is out. I want to finish not just the ElectriCity synopsis but also the script for the first chapter. Between what I already have written, the stuff Fred’s roughed out, and the synopsis, that really shouldn’t take very long, so I think it’s do-able.

I need to do my chunk on EASY PICKINGS and get that back to Faith. We’re nearing 10K on it now, which is about the 1/3rd point, I think, so that’s going well. It’ll be a lot of fun to get that out there in the world sometime late this summer/early fall.

I would love to get one more Old Races story written. The one I just finished made it very clear to me that (just in case I doubted it) what these stories are doing is laying every bit of necessary groundwork for more Old Races novels. Please note that I have no intention at all of writing any more Old Races novels, not now, not in the immediate future, not even in the middle-length future, and possibly not in the long-term future. But if I ever do, hoo boy will the foundation be laid. This, however, is by far the least necessary of the pots a-boil, as I’ve got August’s story written and the next one’s not due until October, so that can simmer a while if I don’t get to it.

More important, then, is writing the two proposals I’ve decided on. Theoretically that shouldn’t be so difficult–some 10K for each of them, plus a synopsis, which together should be about two weeks’ worth if I can work straight through. But since Bev’s going home, I may not be quite so able to work through as I’d like. :) So what I should really be doing right now is finishing the ElectriCity synopsis, not writing blog posts.

thinks to do: (recap for my own benefit :))
- finish the ElectriCity synopsis write the first chapter script!
- my turn on easy pickings
- proposals for new series
- one more ORSSP story

And then there’s July’s plans, but I think I won’t think about them until July…

eta: i just looked at this whole post and thought “normal people don’t do things this way, do they…”

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