June 6th, 2011



I can’t help it. I just think Green Lantern looks like a great big shiny CGI flop. Maybe I’m wrong–probably I’m wrong–but that’s what I see when I watch the trailers.

We went to Pirates and to X-Men this weekend. By half an hour in I already thought Pirates was too long. It had its moments of charm, of course, but it could easily have been 45 minutes shorter.

X-Men, which I went in mildly indifferent to and Ted went in already hating, was quite delightful. Ted, afterward, muttered, “Dammit, I liked it.” :) A few comments and minor spoilers behind the cut…

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In other news, Fred is blowing my socks off with ElectriCity stuff and my revisions are going stupendously well. Possibly so well that tomorrow I’ll actually be able to respond to the ElectriCity stuff. :) Also, I need to send out “Falling”, the next Old Races story, and…do several hundred thousand other things. But now I’m going to bed. G’night. :)

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