May 16th, 2011


thinks to do, thinks to do

put some mustard in my shoe…

- finish cleaning kitchen
- answer fred’s emails
- send stories to new subscribers
- write a blog post about Storytelling Hour
- go see Labyrinth on the big screen tonight *dorky smile*

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Storytelling Hour

Okay. I’m going to run three Storytelling Hours during the second weekend of June. I’ll either do two on Saturday the 11th and one on Sunday the 12th, or one on Saturday and two on Sunday.

Either way, there will be a session at 1pm Eastern (6pm Irish time, 10am Pacific) on both the Saturday and the Sunday. On one of those days there will also be a 4pm Eastern session. You tell me whether the second session should be on Saturday or Sunday.

I’ll be creating a chat room for which I’ll post a link, probably 15 minutes before the Storytelling Hour begins. Then I’m going to spend an hour each time telling Gryphon Beach stories. I’ll tell at least one. I may tell two or three, depending on time. They’ll be off the cuff, and if you come in late you’ll miss the beginning. There will be no recaps.

I will not be posting the stories after they’re told, so the Storytelling Hours will be your only chance to hear them. I *will* be saving them for some sort of future publication, so eventually you’ll probably get a chance to buy them.

I hope some people show up to hear the stories! :)

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