May 10th, 2011


mostly movies

$350? Surely starring in an urban fantasy series is worth more than that!

Saw a bunch of movies this weekend. “Thor” was far more entertaining than I expected it to be. Chris Hemsworth can run around shirtless aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaany tiiiiiiiiiiime he likes, AFAIC. Holy Mama.

OTOH, “Fast Five” did not have *nearly* enough (or, indeed, any) half-naked manflesh, which is too damn bad, because Vin Diesel continues to short-circuit my brain and Dwayne Johnson was looking less like a man than a slab of wall that thought it would depart its usual local and strut around. Paul Walker never did anything for me anyway, but still, there definitely should’ve been much more half-nekkidness goin’ on there. Seriously. I realize the target audience is 18-25 year old men, but dude. Take the clothes off and the girls will have a reason to go too. Also, is it just me or is the F&F franchise the only thing out there actually rocking the multiethnic angle? There’s like one white guy in it. I dunno if that’s Vin Diesel’s influence or what, but it’s *awesome*.

I also saw the Irish film “One Hundred Mornings”, which I really wanted to like and really didn’t. Nothing wrong with the *film*; it was a well done movie. Just too bleak for me. Apocalypse stories are great, but I like ‘em uplifting.

Speaking of uplifting, there was a trailer for a new Martin Sheen movie, “The Way” which looks uplifting in a depressing way, and which Emilio Estevez also stars in and directs (directing Daddy, that must’ve been interesting). Immediately following that trailer was a trailer for the restored “Apocalypse Now”, which is being re-released later this month, and having just seen the “The Way” trailer, I had a moment of serious congnitive dissonance trying to figure out how Emilio Estevez could have been in “Apocalypse Now” when he must’ve been about three when it was filmed. (Or seventeen, as it turns out, but still.)

In non-movie commentary, I seem to have as many as four potential collaborative projects going on, ranging from some tiny silly shorts to a novel-length project. And oh, look, I hadn’t checked on the status of EASY PICKINGS, and it’s back in my hands! Yay, I’ll work on that some today, maybe! I have about two weeks to make a serious dent in several of them (and finish the Biali story) so I can, er, take shameless advantage of my mother-in-law’s visit to do ANGLES revisions. :)

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