May 1st, 2011


down in the diving bell

We’re back from Malta, where we spent the last week getting certified as PADI open water scuba divers. While we were gone my gmail account got hacked, so if you got spammed, I’m sorry. :p

Malta didn’t particularly win my heart, but then, it didn’t have much chance to. We were doing scuba stuff 4 of the 7 days we were there, and not much else the other three days. It was, as I said to Ted at one point, the best possible vacation to have forgotten our cameras on. Oops. But Dad had his, so there are pictures anyway! Hah!

What was awesome was being offline. A whole week with no concerns about what was going on in the world or whether my email was piling up (or, as it turned out, being hacked…). I should try to do that for at least a couple weeks every year. That was really nice. I even got to read some! And because the whole family went (parents, sister & family, all of us!) there was great family time, and that was really nice too.

But since all we really did was dive, I’ll put a bit about diving behind the cut, and call it an entry. :)

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