April 10th, 2011



I tell you what, I think this zoo pass is going to get a lot of mileage. It was gorgeous this morning, so I packed Young Indiana up and set off to the zoo, which should have taken about 20 minutes and instead took an hour to arrive at, thanks to the vagueries of buses. Still, we got there before *most* of the crowds, and the wolfpack was howling and a tiger was prowling and I got some pictures I’m very pleased with. I shall share two or three, and you can go look at the rest yourself. :)


Snowy Owl

Safe! (or boom, depending)

The rest are here. :)

I’ve had a really splendid few days, now that you ask. Ted took Young Indiana for pretty much the entirety of Thursday and Friday, so I got badly needed days off. Not only did I go to a movie, but I also went to my sister’s dance performance, which was fantastic, and, er, well, also went to the dentist, which isn’t very exciting except I like having clean teeth. :)

I have also gotten a bit, not enough, done on the next Old Races Short Story Project piece, which is entitled “St. George and the Dragons”, which, unsurprisingly, features Janx. I believe that up next we’ll have a story about Biali and 1890s NYC and bareknuckles fighting and–of course–a woman.

Next week is a ridiculous social whirlwind for me. Friends visiting from both east and west, a convention to attend, a castle to visit, and Guilder to frame for it! And besides that I have galleys to do for WAYFINDER before the 22nd, and the short story to finish.

Other than that, though, I appear to be taking the month of April off. And I’m *loving* it!

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