April 3rd, 2011



There’s a Superhero Fun Run on May 8th, in which they’re trying to beat the Guinness Book of World Records for the number of superheroes who show up to do a 5K fundraiser walk.

Obviously this is an ideal opportunity to make a Chance costume. I don’t suppose I can knock off 15 pounds, grow another 8 inches of hair, and get Arms of Steel by then, too…

(giant picture of the Chance outfit behind the cut, just in case by some insane reason you’ve been reading this blog and yet somehow don’t know what Chance looks like… :))

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I am assured by people of Reasonable Reputation (I’m looking at you, Chaz) that it is not only okay to re-use not just the jars but the actual lids, even off store-bought jam jars, and that this will not cause the lids to not seal and give everybody botulism and kill them horribly. I am assured of this.

So if the applesauce gives us botulism and kills us horribly, blame Chaz. :)

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thinks to do tomorrow

- call to arrange scuba class
- turn in passport paperwork
- return jpeterman stuff
- send out the last of the books

Oh, holy beans, guys, I finished reading Ursula Vernon’s “Digger” yesterday. If you haven’t read it, you’ll thank me for the three days you’re about to lose to it: Start here.

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