April 1st, 2011


upcoming week-long blog event!

(This is not an April Fool’s joke. :))

Starting Monday, April 4th, I’ll be guest-starring over at Faith Hunter‘s blog, as Jane Yellowrock and Beast interview Joanne Walker. Throughout the week, we’ll be posting story snippets, and on Friday, April 8th we’ll be giving away three prizes on to readers who have commented on both Faith’s and my site over the course of the week.

Prize #1 is a complete set of the Walker Papers (Urban Shaman, Winter Moon, Thunderbird Falls, Coyote Dreams, Walking Dead, Demon Hunts, and Spirit Dances). Prize #2 is a complete set of the Jane Yellowrock books (Skinwalker, BloodCross, and Mercy Blade {Raven Cursed will be out in January 2012, but it’s not part of the prize package!}). Prize #3 will be an electronic edition of the upcoming Jane Yellowrock/Joanne Walker crossover story, out sometime this summer! So we hope to see you around all week, and look forward to chatting with you!

Also, there’s a catch on my end of things: you’re going to have to actually go comment at cemurphy.net, rather than at one of the many places this blog propagates to, because we’re only giving away one set each of these things and I need all my comments on one site instead of spread all over hell and breakfast. Otherwise I’ll feel badly for all the hopeful people who comment in the wrong places, and we can’t have that. :)

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screwing around

I was just screwing around with one of those professional modify your photograph to improve skintones and things programs.


I did one of me, too, but the shot of Deirdre was a much better one to begin with.


It’s got a thing against eyebrows, apparently. But I’d always kind of wanted to try that with the photo of Deirdre, anyway, because it’s a good one to start with.

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