March 17th, 2011


how to tell…

How to tell you are still fundamentally American even if you’ve been living in Ireland for five and a half years: it does not even cross your mind that the entire city centre will be closed down because it’s Saint Patrick’s Day…

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You know that cake? The one I was embarrassed to send to Ted’s work? Apparently one of his coworkers would like to hire me to bake him another cake like that, because he loved it and it reminded him of home.

*bemused* :)

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yet more thinks to do

- call the theatre
- vacuum the living room
- clean the kitchen
- finish getting books signed, enveloped, and addressed
- an Elegant Legacy update

…this week:
- catch up on the 4200 2250 words I’m behind in writing
- go to the Steve McCurry photo exhibition
- get over this god. damned. cold
- update book poster
- create new business cards
- go to Easons and get address stickers

…on Monday, because the post office is probably closed until then:
- get books into the mail

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