March 4th, 2011


experiments in pincurls

We are experimenting in pincurls. Wednesday night Mom dry-pincurled my hair and I slept in the pins, then took them out. The curls remained for about three hours and then I went outside and they disappeared, fwoomp. So this morning I wet-pincurled it and spent some patient time with the hairdryer and after several hours took them out:

pin curls

Then I brushed them and pinned them back, achieving what my mother, who Knows These Things, feels will be very suitable pinup girl bhair fbor btomorrow. Assumn bing, of course (young indiana is helping me type) that they don’t all fall out as soon as I go outdoors. *applies more hairspray* And besides, wait until you see the *hat*.

pinup girl hair
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