March 3rd, 2011


winners for postage-paid SPIRIT DANCES lisa who commented about the velvet dress, andrew armstrong, and rachel who hoped she wasn’t too late. :) rachie203 pers1stence cyranocyrano steelneko agrimony sabrewolfx27

please email me your snailmail addresses (even if you think i have it) to cemurphyauthor AT gmail DOT com, and please paypal $7 USD to open AT mizkit DOT com. also, unless you are 110% certain i know who you are in real life, please include your lj username/the name you used at my blog for the winning entry.

i have failed to get books in the mail so far. i will try very hard to do that by monday.

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World Book Day

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The books I am reading: JUST MY TYPE: A BOOK ABOUT FONTS by Simon Garfield, SHADOW GATE by Kate Elliott/kateelliott

The book I am writing: RAVEN CALLS by CE Murphy, YEAR OF MIRACLES & OTHER STORIES OF THE OLD RACES by CE Murphy, ALPHABET ADVENTURES by CE Murphy, BOOK ONE OF THE ILLIALIAD by name yet to be determined, LEGION: BOOK ONE by CE Murphy & Sarah Palmero/shadowhwk

The book I love most: TIGANA by Guy Gavriel Kay

The last book I received as a gift: THIEFTAKER by DB Jackson, THE CAPTIVE QUEEN by Alison Weir

The last book I gave as a gift: BAD TO THE BONE by Jeri Smith-Ready, CAST IN CHAOS by Michelle Sagara/msagara

The nearest book on my desk: None, actually, but the nearest book to hand are dozens of copies of, well, everything I’ve ever written

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