February 24th, 2011


what else, what else…

dental appointment made. contacts ordered. overnight holiday at a castle booked. what else. oh yeah. zoo membership. ok, zoo membership purchased. i need to get wd-40, eggs, tinfoil cake pans and…oh yeah. a high chair. while i’m out today. probably should make that list on paper instead of the computer, huh. *looks for paper*

*closes eyes* ok, what else…

ah, well. editing the short story and posting a snippet and the links to buy would be good, for example. and editing the other short story to submit to the publisher which i should have done a MONTH ago. and

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Bertie Ahern just knocked on my door to give me a political flyer for one of the TDs who’s running in the district. He even said, “I’m Bertie.”

For the benefit of non-Irish readers, this is a bit like Obama knocking on the door, post-presidency,saying, “I’m Barack,” and handing out a flyer for the local Senate race.

I am very very amused. :)

Of course, I still wouldn’t vote for them if they were pretty much the last people standing between me and Gadaffai, but that’s not the point, is it. :)

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