February 21st, 2011


so fantastic i’m incognito

I was out Saturday, half a stone lighter than I was at the beginning of the month thanks to being sick all damned month, wearing my new J. Peterman coat and my Matrix sunglasses and with my hair up, and as we were waiting for the light to change my sister came jogging up across the street. I smiled and waited for her to smile back. Instead she checked for traffic and ran across the street in a broad curve, skipping the corner where I stood to aim for the sidewalk a bit further down. I started laughing. Only then did she pull up, turn, and exclaim, “Catie! Is that your new coat? It’s fantastic! I didn’t recognize you! You look fantastic!”

So fantastic I’m incognito, apparently. :)

thinks to do:
- make a dentist appointment
- order contacts
- try to get some kind of work done *sigh*

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no pin-up kit

Teh intarwebs do not want me to own pin-up clothes. Paypal won’t let items paid for through it be shipped to Ireland and Pinupgirlclothing horks when I try to log in. Yes, I have credit cards I could use, or American addresses I could use, but part of the idea of the fun here was to be able to wear, say, this to P-Con, and having something shipped somewhere in America and then to me is certain to not get it to me by then. :p (Of course, if I got it, I would have to figure out how to do something with my hair, too, and that’s not a strong point for me…)

In other news, Chess is playing in Dublin at the end of March. I want very much to go see it. I suspect it’s actually probably not very good, but it’s got big hair music and I would so love to play Florence myself….

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