February 17th, 2011


for heaven’s sake

Well. That book giveaway post certainly brought out the lurkers. Between mizkit.com, LJ, Twitter and FB, I got something on the order of 200 responses. That makes the dozen books I was going to give away seem sort of paltry. So I’m going to up it a little in proportion to the number of responders on each venue, for a total of 18–3 for mizkit.com, 6 for LJ, 6 for FB and 3 for Twitter.

The mizkit.com winners are: Becca, Jennifer, and Linda Henderson!

The LJ winners are: technocowboy, skeagsidhe, tersa, secret_gyoza, saetter and newjerseybadger!

Please email me your snailmail addresses to cemurphyauthor AT gmail DOT com!

I’ll post the FB and Twitter winners there, ’cause I don’t think there’s all that much crossover with the blog. :)

That’s about as far as the budget will stretch for mailing things out.

I will, however, give away another 12 copies of SPIRIT DANCES to random commenters on *this* post (where “this post” means the repeat that’ll get done here and at FB, where the highest # of responses came from, so there’ll probably be 6-9 given away through mizkit/lj and 3 at FB) who are willing to pay postage. It’s about $7 USD to mail one book, so winners would have to paypal me that, but if you wanna do that, then comment on this post!

Also, it is my civic duty to note that the 1920s style beaded party dress is half off at J Peterman. Of course, they only have two sizes left (4 and 6), but the velvet evening dress is also on sale, and I’m trying to figure out either where I would wear it or how to talk myself out of it… :)

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Connery Beagle

…so author Doranna Dugin keeps an LJ for her beagle Connery. I heartily dislike journals (and books, for that matter) from animals’ points of view, except for some reason Doranna does a *spectacularly* good job with connerybeagle and I have come to love him through the posts there. She’s posted a sort of summary of his life here, but it’s just that, and doesn’t come anywhere near expressing the joie de vivre that the LJ and Twitter feeds offer.

Connery has always been a bit fragile health-wise, and as so often happens in a writer’s life, has hit one of the bad spots when the money is Just Not There. So Doranna’s doing a fundraising anthology, THE HEART OF A DOG, which is an e-format anthology with a $2.99 price tag.

If you happen to have three bucks to spare, maybe consider getting the anthology? And to sweeten the pot, if you do donate and forward your Paypal (or whatever) receipt to me, I’ll send you a random copy of one of my books. Maybe SPIRIT DANCES. Maybe not. :)

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