February 16th, 2011



I am very funny. :) This morning the doorbell rang as I pulled Young Indiana’s diaper off to expose a POOPY BUTT. I went ACK and leapt up to rush to the door because the only reason the doorbell rings at this hour is if there’s a mail delivery! I whipped the door open and said “quick! quick! i’m changing the baby’s diaper!”

the poor man apologized and started laughing and handed me the form to sign for BOXES OF BOOKS! Young Indiana came to see what was going on, poopy butt stuck in the air because he doesn’t like crawling on the carpet with nekkid knees. We laughed even harder! I signed the form and scooped the baby up, yelling things like, “No, no! Don’t sit down! No! Whew!” and got him all changed without a Disaster.

And then I got to open boxes of BOOKS!

I think this is still my favorite part of writing. :)


I’ll be sending advance copies of SPIRIT DANCES to oh, we’ll say half a dozen random commenters on this post. :)

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