February 15th, 2011



Yes, I’m a little obsessed. Move on if you do not share my obsession. :)

I went into Evans today. Evans is a shop which has clothes starting at size 12, and which claims to carry wide shoes. I’d never inspected the shoes, because the ones in the window are the ridiculous 5 inch heel things that are popular right now, and because the shoes are upstairs and buggies, unlike Daleks, do not levitate. But being buggy-less today, I went upstairs, found a nice looking pair of wedges, and asked to try them in the size I’ve been buying.

They were too wide.

I have never in my life, literally never in my life, put on a pair of shoes that was too wide. Agog, I got the next size down, which were a much better fit for length and which were *also* too wide. Not nearly to the degree that the first pair were, but still too wide. Both pairs were extra-wides, but evidently in Evans terms I’m a mere wide. Now I am very impatient for them to get their spring and summer stock in so I can buy some shoes that actually fit!

Also, I can’t decide if these or these are the most magnificent shoes I’ve ever seen, or if one of any of another half dozen or more pairs at Fluevog are the most magnificent. Either way, it’s probably a good thing none of them are likely to fit me, and yet it’s such a very, very sad thing, too…

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