January 22nd, 2011


vaguely related to visualization

(Why is it I ever seem to manage a post with content on weekends, when no one is about? Nevermind that, I’ll post anyway.)

On the visualization topic of which I am so fond, a question of music:

Do you *hear* music in your head like you would hear a radio? Except inside your head, of course, not in your ears?

Because I don’t. Twice in my life I’ve heard a burst of music inside my head, and it was extraordinary and strange. Otherwise when I get a song stuck in my head, it’s just the words. An … idea … of the tune, for lack of a better description (and the language is not well suited to this topic, any more than it is suited to the topic of visualization or lack thereof), but definitely not the actual music. Perhaps an idea of the singer’s voice, too; it’s certainly not my own voice, anyway. But really, it’s words.

Is that how it works for you?

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