December 16th, 2010


the blog post that wasn’t

I had this blog post I was going to write. It was about all the exciting things that’ve gone on this week. Except really there aren’t any, unless you count getting the laundry done and finishing most of the Christmas shopping and mopping (I mopped! But I had to, because the buggy went through Something Unfortunate today, and the baby discovered the Unfortunateness of it all) and … and all the other shit I’ve been doing, all of which amounts mostly to trying to clean the house. Cutting up Ursula prints to fit into 8×10 frames, for example. Throwing away the increasing pile of manuscripts. Periodically thinking, “If this was my house,” in terms of what I’d do to change things, but really if this was my house I’d strip it back to the brick and start over, so that’s not even worth making a list of. Things like that. So basically in lieu of actual content, here, have a couple family pictures:



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