October 22nd, 2010


hopelessly behind

I will never catch up on blogging. I will never catch up on writing down my miles to Rivendell, which I did FAITHFULLY for SIX YEARS and then ffffssssht. I will never catch up on posting pictures or cleaning the house or writing (actually writing is going pretty well–first story for the Sekrit Project is nearly done) or X-Files or other TV or or or or or–

I did, however, manage to go to two movies on Wednesday. Not this week, but on Wednesday specifically. Two. “The Social Network” at baby cinema (I enjoyed it a great deal, more, I think, than most of the audience), and then I accidentally won tickets to a movie premiere and my parents who are wonderful babysat for the umpteenth time this week, so we tore off to Dundrum and had ice cream for dinner (in another display of astonishing Irish customer service) and watched the very entertaining all-star “Red”. Which is as much of a write-up as it’s going to get, I fear.

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