October 7th, 2010


Authors Speak Out

Been meaning to post this for a couple days and keep forgetting:

Bitten By Books is starting a new column for urban fantasy and paranormal romance writers. It’s called “Authors Speak Out”, and it’s an opportunity for publicity and to speak what’s on your mind. I don’t know that the topic *has* to be controversial, but the one I’m talking about next week in the debut column is–the whitification of characters in cover art–and anyone who’s interested is invited to contact BBB at their contact page. Please mention “Authors Speak Out” in the email!

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tv shows i want to write blog posts about

“No Ordinary Family” — actually, this one, since I’ve only seen one episode, can be summed up quickly. Ted said yesterday, “Want to watch this?” I said, “What is it?” He said, “The new chick-less superhero show.” I stared at him, wondering why on God’s little green earth I would want to watch a superhero show with no girls in it. Right about the same time he started explaining, I translated “Chick-less” into “Chiklis” and it all made sense. Summary: we *really* enjoyed the first episode. Plus, Darla!

“The X-Files” — I’m attempting to watch these from the beginning, since I turned on the TV the other day and one of the channels had just started showing the first season, and was on episode six. However, it appears the programming software doesn’t take into account the fact that the programming changes on Saturday and Sunday, so I seem to be getting 5 episodes, then missing two. I’m kind of hoping there’ll be re-runs at different times that might pick them up, though. If not, I shall say “grr” a lot.

“Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” — I mostly did this already, but I want to write up a better post. Before I forget it all.

There are some others (I have to finish watching s1 BatB), but those are the ones I can think of right now.

(Farscape, too. I might have to re-watch it to do good write-ups, but, y’know, O WOE IS ME!)

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