October 6th, 2010



Normally I would not do this, but I was sufficiently entertained by my twitter posts today–which are all self-involved, no two-way conversations here!–to just post them as a blog today. :) I shall, however, at least put them in the order they’re to be read, rather than from the bottom up as they come straight from Twitter.

Hashtag: #boxpurge, not that I remembered to use it

I need to ditch either my computer desk or the wall mount for a computer screen. *wibble*

oh woe! purge mentality vs sentimentality! 12 year old Sony Vaio on which I wrote URBAN SHAMAN & others suddenly seems silly to keep.

my. box full of Interesting Stuff. Original TQB manuscript, original teleplay written with shadowhwk, wonder what else is in here…

notes for half-written sci-fantasy novel MANIFEST DESTINY. Original “Take A Chance” script. Notes for an X-Men Rogue movie that wouldn’t suck

notes from TNH on the middle-grade/YA novel that won the RMFW contest in 2003 & has not yet been revised. *sigh*

*laughs* signed poster of Peter Wingfield to go with the Methos sword my wonderful nutjob friends bought me yeaaaaars ago.

extra battery for the afore-mentioned Vaio. handful of film negatives. huge numbers of unopened envelopes. scattering of 3.5″ floppies.

& now a large empty box and a floor covered with things I’ve been hauling around for 5+ years. *goes through them*

…manuscript for COTTON’S DAUGHTER, 2nd in a series of westerns w/women leads I worked on with shadowhwk, back in the day…

*laughs out loud* Two folders, respectively entitled “Rejection letters, the fools, the fools!” and “Acceptance letters, hooray, hooray!”

OH MY GOD. First chapter of my 1992 FIRST EVER NOVEL!

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