September 27th, 2010


reading meme: day six

Day 06 – Your favourite writer

I’m afraid this meme is going to get a bit repetitive, at this rate. Guy Gavriel Kay is probably my favorite writer, though I do not unconditionally love everything he’s written. I really have to go back and re-read A SONG FOR ARBONNE, which I wasn’t particularly taken with, but I wonder if it would improve upon re-reading. And I will probably never re-read THE LIONS OF AL-RASSAN because the last chapter makes me crazy, which is a crying shame, as up to that point it’s my favorite of his books.

But–to throw a wrench in the monkeyworks–another favorite of mine is Hemingway. Like GGK (and this is the only way in which they are similar), Hemingway either works for you or does not work for you. He happens to work for me.

Oddly, because I don’t read a lot of poetry, some of my other favorites are poets: Rainer Maria Rilke and Dylan Thomas, to whom I was introduced thanks to Vincent in Beauty and the Beast; Tennyson (who is my favorite poet), to whom I was introduced thanks to Robert A. Heinlein; Walt Whitman, to whom I was introduced thanks to my freshman English course in college.

Now I’m trying to think if there are any authors whose writing I love unconditionally, and damned if I can think of any. I mean, I could be coy and say C.E. Murphy, but even that’s not true. The poets, weirdly enough, come closest. Huh.

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too much, not enough

Too much to do, not enough sleep to actually give a damn about doing it.

thinks i really should be doink:
- laundry
- change the kitty litter
- make banana bread
- make regular bread
- dishes
- sweep
- vacuum
- mop
- write up a suvudu blog
- addressing more of those books to send out
- oh, i must remember to sign up for the tap classes

Ted and I watched the last of s3 True Blood over the weekend. Somewhere around episode ten, Ted said, “…man, and I thought a lot happened in *your* books!” No shit. o.O I’m going to have to step it up a notch if I write the [REDACTED TO TORTURE YOU ALL] books. Seriously, I haven’t read the Sookie Stackhouse novels. Do they take place over as short a period of time as the TV show does? Because I don’t know why everybody in Bon Temps isn’t lying in a quivering heap of PTSD already, and there are a lot more books than there are TV seasons so far!

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