September 2nd, 2010


My awesome life: let me show it to you

Yesterday morning my husband the fully qualified chef made up a big mess of pork stir fry with rice noodles before he went off to work, thus freeing me from the general panic of trying to cook dinner for not only last night, but today as well.

Yesterday evening my sister, who lives around the corner, came over for several hours. Mostly she worked on a grant application, but we still got to visit some. I got about 600 words written on a book proposal.

Last night my charming four month old son pretty much slept without waking from 11pm to 6am.

This morning I weighed myself and had inexplicably lost another two pounds, putting my weight loss since we moved to Dublin at about 7 pounds and putting me over (or under) my first weight loss goal, thus earning me the reward of wearing my sapphire ring. Then I made bread and an exceptionally good batch of cinnamon rolls, bathed the baby, and poured peed-in bath water all over myself.

This afternoon, having arranged earlier in the week to do so, I went out for coffee, where “coffee” proved to actually be iced hot chocolate, a beverage I was uncertain about but ultimately enjoyed, particularly given how warm it was out today, with sarahtales/Sarah Rees Brennan, author of the very fine DEMON’S LEXICON and the sort of person to whom things like getting stuck in a Catholic girls’ school cupboard wearing nothing but butter happens*. On our way to coffee (which neither of us actually drink) I had a moment of admiring just how cool our lives were, that I could randomly say “Half two on Thursday!” as a time for us to meet up, and indeed, we could do so without any quibble or concern. Of course, it’s often difficult to meet up with Sarah, who tends to be off jet-setting or taking cruises down the Nile, though she informs me that she will be in Ireland for the entire winter. I submit that she’s doin’ this rong.

We spent a lovely couple hours in St. Stephen’s Green, chatting about books (“I had a five year plan,” I said. “Do you have another one?” Sarah asked. “Yes,” I said, and she said, “Yay!”, since the first one had worked out so well. *laughs*) and playing with Young Indiana, who was as usual perfectly delightful throughout the entire visit. As a result of hanging out with her, I’ll be dropping by the Mountains to Sea Book Festival next weekend, although not participating in it because I don’t write childrens’ books or YA**, which apparently is the In Genre to get invited to those sorts of things.

So after a splendid day out, I came home and added up my mileage for the past week, which came in at slightly over 30 miles. That may have something to do with the otherwise inexplicable weight loss…

My life is awesome.

*True story. Not one, however, replicated during today’s outing.

**Actually I do but the manuscript is lingering unrevised since TWO THOUSAND AND TWO.

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