August 17th, 2010


lots of post

Young Indiana and I went out to Longford today to run errands. Our usual cab driver was Very Surprised Indeed to see us. :) But it was a darned good thing I employed his services, as one of the errands was dropping by our old house to collect the post, which I’d been told there was a lot of. Now, I was imagining a large stack of envelopes and papers.

What I got was one large box of books containing TRUTHSEEKER (which is very very pretty), an extremely heavy box containing the Dresden Files RPG, an envelope with two more copies of TRUTHSEEKER in it, two oversized envelopes with cover flats and two more oversized envelopes with State of Alaska voting information in them, a magazine, and a couple normal-sized envelopes.

This when I was already carrying a 16 pound infant and a diaper bag of at least equal weight. Getting to our next errand was a bit of a challenge. :)

- get we to the embassy
- check about the stroller
- check about the early cinema showings being baby-ok

Frankly, that will be enough. If I can get even a little writing done on top of that I will be very very happy.

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