August 10th, 2010


biz biz bizzy

I don’t know how I can be so busy. It doesn’t seem like I should be, and yet.

Mom came over yesterday to sit on Young Indiana for a couple hours while I worked. As a result, I’ve finished the synopsis for RAVEN CALLS, book seven of the Walker Papers, and today I’ll be doing the synopses for the last two books. I’ve been working on this series since Y2K. The idea that I’m writing the proposals for the final 3 books is pretty astonishing. And hey, I’m only…*eyes calendar*…a week and a half behind the schedule I wanted to be on.

His Own Small Self and I will be popping into town today to finish the errands we failed to do yesterday. (I like how I say “we”, as if Young Indiana was doing anything but coming along for the ride. :)) And tomorrow is Baby Cinema, which I have great hopes of actually attending. I don’t *think* I have any other errands to run tomorrow, and if I finish the synopses today as planned, it can be my reward. :)

*laughs* I thought I wasn’t too sore from yesterday’s Pilates session. And I’m not *too* sore, but I’m noticing every time I cough or turn or anything. Guess I did something right. And Ted pointed out that our small digital camera has video capabilities, so if we can find it perhaps I’ll do a preliminary Pilates For Normal People vid this weekend. I talked to my sister about it, and she likened the idea to the Couch To 5K Plan, which seemed very accurate to me. And here, for those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, I’ll just reproduce my chat conversation with her last night, Collapse )

And to wrap things up, a 3-month-old Young Indiana says, “Who, me?”

Who, me?
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And that’s a wrap.

I’ve just finished the synopses for the final 3 Walker Papers novels. I now know how the story ends. And more importantly, I know how this last story arc middles, which was always more the question. :)

Tomorrow I will spell check, look the chapters over and see if they need more work, and send this off. Though technically having written this stuff is setting it all in motion, actually submitting it feels much more like the beginning of the end, which is pretty weird. Ten years of my life have gone into the Walker Papers, and it’ll be twelve or thirteen years by the time I’m done.

Next up: writing the proposal for books 3-5 of the Inheritors’ Cycle. The goal: finish it by the end of August, which is something of a challenge, as I’m hoping to write about a hundred pages of story for the proposal for book 3. Plus synopses. So we’ll see!

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