August 1st, 2010



Well, the housewarming party was a huge success.

We had a variety of international travelers, as bellinghman and bellinghwoman INSANELY AND WONDERFULLY popped over from England for the day, and captainlucy was down from the North. And there were the various ex-pats living in Dublin who attended; people from America and Spain and France and Poland and Germany, plus a load of Dubs (and at least one Cork lass), so it was a genuinely international sort of event. It was like P-Con in our living room. :) We had about 25 or 30 people, so yes, wonderful success! It’s the first time we’ve ever thrown a party, we think, so we’re pleased so many people came and we certainly had a grand time and hope everybody else did too.

The price of attending was you had to go home with at least one complete set of my novels in mass market paperback. :) Got rid of about…20 sets that way. There are still, oh, thirty or so sets left, but it made a small dent. Maybe I can get rid of one or two boxes now, by re-packaging them. She said hopefully.

We fed people loads of food and there’s still loads left. *laughs* None of the Chocolate Death cookies, though, which went the fastest. :) Fortunately, at least some of what’s left freezes and Ted can bring some of it to work on Tuesday and hey, we won’t have to cook for a week if we don’t want to. ;)

The commission was also a huge success. 188 subscribers, in the end, for a total of about $2900, which, let me say this frankly, saved our asses. It helped cover the move, it’s paid bills, and it’ll be helping pay August’s rent and buy us food for the next month. And that amount of money is an extremely respectable rate for a novella: I mean, seriously, that’s a professional rate, so wow. Thank you.

Next time I run a commission I’ll start out with a random prize package, with the prizes getting more extravagant for every 50 people who sign on. But the prizes will be drawn from the hat for the whole lot. Because that was a fun idea, and it’s a little something extra, ’cause what the hell.

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